years of diamond experience

Our story started in 1978. Over the past 40 years, we’ve developed innovative, proprietary cubic press technology for high-pressure, high-temperature diamond synthesis.

100% of our Products

are highly-engineered and custom-designed

Today, we lead the industry in developing and producing innovative, top-quality PDC inserts, bearings, valves, and mining tools that meet the highest standards–matching the requirements of the most demanding projects.


patents in advanced diamond technology

A dedicated group of experienced scientists, engineers, and technicians drives US Synthetic’s efforts to perfect and enhance our existing diamond solutions.

Advanced technology
delivered on time, every time

US Synthetic offers an absolute commitment to quality and innovation—combined with a personal “do whatever it takes” approach to customer service—that sets us apart from the competition and makes us your best choice for all kinds of diamond solutions.

  • Advanced, state-of-the-art research, development, and testing facilities
  • Experienced engineers and scientists with decades of collective experience
  • Continuous field testing to understand and solve the biggest problems field engineers deal with every day
  • ISO 9000 certification
  • Close, personalized relationships with every customer
  • Diamond solutions that are customized and tailored to meet specific drilling requirements
  • Knowledgeable, friendly people who are trained and capable of dealing with any situation
  • An absolute commitment to on-time delivery every time an order is placed

What we do

A Problem-Solving Culture

As an industry leader in the development and production of polycrystalline diamond cutters (PDCs) for oil and gas exploration, we’re dedicated to an uncompromising commitment to constant innovation, outstanding quality and superior customer service. This commitment allows us to meet the highest performance standards and match the requirements of the world’s most demanding oil exploration and development projects.

We’re focused on the development of diamond inserts for use in drill bits for oil and gas exploration. We also provide a variety of diamond-enhanced components for use in downhole exploration and production.

We employ approximately 900 people and are located in Orem, Utah.


Engineered for the most demanding conditions

US Synthetic has spent more than forty years perfecting polycrystalline diamond (PDC) as an engineering solution. In the oil and gas industry, we have produced PDC cutters and bearings that drill faster and last longer—especially in tough conditions, deep in the earth, that test the limits of the most durable drilling equipment.

Why Choose

Diamond as an Engineering Material

Thermal Conductivity

PCD (Diamond) 543W/m•K
Tungsten Carbide 70W/m•K
Silicon Nitride 30 W/m•K
Silicon Carbide 85W/m•K
Copper 388W/m•K
Steel (4140) 43W/m•K


PCD (Diamond) 49.8GPa
Tungsten Carbide 1.8GPa
Silicon Nitride 1.8GPa
Silicon Carbide 2.4GPa
Steel (4140) 0.2GPa

Fracture Toughness

13 MPA√M ---------- PCD (DIAMOND)
11 MPA√M ---------- Tungsten Carbide
11 MPA√M ---------- PCBN
9 MPA√M ---------- Silicon Nitride

Coefficient of Friction

0.01 COF ---------- PCD (DIAMOND)
0.2 COF ---------- Tungsten Carbide
0.42 COF ---------- Steel (4140)

Diamond Products

Made for the toughest environments on earth

We lead the industry in the development and production of innovative, top-quality PDC inserts that meet the highest standards and match the requirements of the most demanding engineering projects.

Improving Lives

by giving of our time in the community

We’re working to give back and enhance the lives of people in our neighborhoods and communities, to support the children in our local schools and STEM programs, and to reach out to the less fortunate around the world. We’re lending a helping hand to those that need a little extra help through our volunteer, community-giving, and Engineering Good initiatives. By teaming up with world-class partners and our employees, we’re donating thousands of hours of service yearly and tens of thousands of dollars to local communities and to humanitarian organizations around the world.

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