Product Testing & Evaluation

Product Testing & Evaluation

At US Synthetic, cutters are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest quality standards. This includes extensive impact, abrasion, and heavy wear tests in the testing facilities, as well as extensive downhole testing in the field. As a result, US Synthetic PDCs have gained a reputation, built and maintained over many years, for superior quality, durability, and performance.

Laboratory Testing

Laboratory tests help the product development staff transform several good ideas into one concrete solution, which is then recommend to a customer. Comparing these new solutions to cutters already running successfully in the field minimizes the risk of downhole failure during field testing.

Impact testing

The drop impact test evaluates the impact strength of the cutters. This test emulates the type of loading that might be encountered when the bit transitions from one formation to another or experiences lateral and axial vibrations.

Abrasion testing testing machine

Accurately testing resistance to abrasion is an important step in the development process of every new product. US Synthetic's abrasion test involves cutting granite and comparing the amount of diamond wear to the amount of granite cut. Typically, several million times more granite than diamond wears away in such a test. Information from this test allows the engineers to tailor the abrasion resistance characteristics of the cutters to the needs of specific applications.

Heavy wear testing

This long-term durability test is conducted on a vertical turret lathe and combines elements of both abrasion and impact testing. As the cutter cuts through miles of rock, temperature and cutting forces are monitored. This allows for an aggressive, efficient, and thermal stabile evaluation of the cutter .

Downhole field testing

Ultimately, US Synthetic believes the field is the most important test, and lab tests are geared to pass only the best cutters to the field testing stage of product development.

Research & Development

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