Why US Synthetic?

Why US Synthetic?

US Synthetic offers an absolute commitment to quality and innovation—combined with a personal "do whatever it takes" approach to customer service—that sets us apart from the competition and makes us your best choice for all kinds of diamond solutions.

Constant innovation
  • Advanced, state-of-the-art research, development, and testing facilities
  • Experienced engineers and scientists with decades of collective experience
  • Continuous field testing to understand and solve the biggest problems field engineers deal with every day

Personalized service
  • Close, personalized relationships with every customer
  • Diamond solutions that are customized and tailored to meet specific drilling requirements
  • Knowledgeable, friendly people who are trained and capable of dealing with any situation
  • An absolute commitment to on-time delivery every time an order is placed

Outstanding quality
  • ISO 9000 certification
  • Extensive quality controls that qualify US Synthetic to ship directly to customers’ manufacturing floors for immediate use without further inspection
  • Rigorous product development testing that includes impact, abrasion, heavy wear, and downhole field testing
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Utah work life award 2007