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A Leaner Way Of Life


A Leaner Way Of Life

US Synthetic, Orem, UT, is an industry leader in diamond solutions, and challenged for the world's most prestigious award for operations excellence in 2011, The Shingo Prize.

A thirty year veteran in the development of long-lasting diamond inserts for use in drilling tools, US Synthetic’s strategy for continuous improvement is constantly keeping workers engaged and communicating—with each other, with the executives, and with customers. Keeping in mind the goal of creating a product that holds value for the customer, employees are encouraged to innovate, experiment, take risks, and learn from failures so the company as a whole can improve.

Eric Pope, vice president of operations with US Synthetic, credits the company’s unique culture of focusing on the individual for its success, which it has fostered since day one. Says Pope, “From the beginning, we were rooted in people. It’s all about improving their lives; it’s all about helping them be successful. It’s all about realizing and acknowledging their individual worth and their capabilities.”

US Synthetic employs a unique strategy for continuous improvement, in that its employees, from workers on the shop floor to the executive team, believe they are never done. Achieving The Shingo Prize for operational excellence is not the end of the journey for US Synthetic, it is a new challenge. “This is just a mile marker on the road here,” says Rob Galloway, CEO of US Synthetic. “Don’t look at Lean manufacturing as a destination,” he adds. “Don’t look at it as a checklist, look at it as a philosophy that you’re going to employ and then make sure it’s a philosophy everyone understands and adopts.”

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