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In the ultimate sense of “engineering good,” US Synthetic engineers and lean manufacturing experts donate their time on teams to innovate “appropriate technologies” and lean strategies for social enterprises working at the BOP (base of the pyramid in emerging economies).

US Synthetic teams partner with the Asante Foundation and the BYU Capstone Project in the mechanical engineering department to design and build technologies that will improve lives around the world. Starting in Africa.

Current projects include designing a machine to “de-shell” a coconut for Coast Coconut Farms in Kenya; developing a hand-drill using scrap diamond to dig bore holes for water wells in Africa; leaning-out the loan processing system for Yehu Microfinance; and designing a $1,500 home for rural Africa built by Amani Village. Teams travel to Kenya twice a year to implement and field test projects and provide lean and management training to organizations in Kenya.

corporate responsibility
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