Mapping the Journey

Mapping the Journey (2 day Event)

The US Synthetic Consulting Group will visit the QMPV facility to map the organization’s value stream to identify improvement activities and create a 6-9 month improvement plan.

  • Leadership Participation—A cross-functional team that consists of all senior leaders and other site leaders must be present.
  • Message Development—A review of the organization’s current vision and mission AND create a clear change message for all future activities.
  • Current State Mapping—A review of key business metrics, gaps and goals.
  • Future State Mapping—Identification of areas within the organization to focus on during future navigation events.
  • Data Analysis—An effort to gather and analyze all relevant data from the onsite visit.
  • Toolkit Assessment—A determination of what principles and tools are needed to solve the gaps identified during the onsite visit.
  • Clear change message
  • 6-9 month comprehensive Improvement Plan that is directly aligned to organizational needs.

Understanding the big picture...

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The output of this exercise is the strategy tree or the big picture change message. This is done by value stream mapping, Gemba activities, and strategy reviews to develop an improvement plan. The strategy tree provides a consistent message for leaders throughout the journey. This message includes the ever so critical “WHY we must change?” In addition to the strategy tree the current state of the business must be understood. A high level business review and site assessment will highlight business opportunities. This exercise adds to the compelling change message of “why?” the “how?” and the “what?” we will change. Winning and losing at the highest level is defined and displayed visually for all to see.

The business review and strategy session will identify key areas for focused improvement. This session includes identifying specific value streams, work systems, or work sites linked to critical business gaps. Specific business performance measures and target conditions will be selected. To understand current state, value stream mapping, work site observations, employee interviews, industry benchmarking and worksite assessments will be used to highlight opportunities. These opportunities form the critical path to close business objective performance gaps. The specific deliverable of the three-day activity is an A3 improvement plan and visual for communication. Your staff with our guidance and expertise develops this plan and visual. It is the vehicle that will guide the business functions during the first year, with special emphasis on the first few important months of the change process. It is during this process that senior leadership will select goals and timeframes for the transformation process. These goals will in turn drive the value stream selection, the improvement selection, transformation speed and expectations of the process as a whole. Senior leadership must be engaged and involved during this activity.

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