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Navigation Events (4-days onsite per month)

The US Synthetic Consulting Group will conduct focused improvement events and appropriate Lean training at a monthly cadence according to the improvement plan.

    1. Events will be driven and selected from the Mapping the Journey event.
    2. Onsite event leaders and co-leaders will be selected.
    3. Conference calls with USS leadership coaches will help in guiding organizational leaders through this preparatory work.
    1. USS leadership coaches will use the “Hear – See – Do” method for training selected principles and tools during the event.
    2. USS leadership coaches will guide the selected event leaders in new behaviors.
    3. The internal team will solve business gaps using rapid problem solving, implementing new principles in the process.
    4. The internal team will establish and practice an improved way of working.
    1. Site leaders and effected areas will continue to practice new behaviors and solve problems that arise.
    2. Conference calls with USS leadership coaches.
    3. Phone and/or email support from consultants as needed
  • Business results
  • Skilled lean thinkers practicing new behaviors
  • Skilled lean leaders practicing new leadership behaviors
  • Focused and aligned Improvements
  • Shared Experience
  • Common Language

Email and phone support from the US Synthetic consulting group (as needed). Alignment reviews with leadership to check or adjust as needed.

Discovering and modeling continuous improvement behaviors...

Using a ongoing cadence for change, we will recommend and execute improvement events that last between 3 days and 5 days at a time. The areas of focus and priority are mapped in the A3 improvement plan. These events will be aimed to teach your organization not only improvement principles and tools, but also change leadership principles and methodologies. It is a time to model new continuous improvement behaviors. In these events, problem solving principles and tools are taught, applied and belief is created in the “new way.” This new belief changes behaviors. The events are the venue for learning leadership and team member behaviors associated with a continuous improvement culture. These events provide the framework to get results in an improved way. Each event includes a report out and executive summary provided by the Horizon team to site leadership.

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