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Our leadership coaches and consultants work closely with business leaders and their teams to create a culture that frees people to take ownership for their own problem solving. In Culture by Design, we focus on mentoring managers and developing leaders in creating their own stable environment to improve business performance, control costs, increase innovation rates, and satisfy customers needs.

Our Process

The steps we focus on to help organizations walk through the journey of cultural change include:

Our Framework

The framework for cultural transformation is embedded in our Value Improvement Process (VIP.) The process begins with clarity of enterprise, site or team purpose or vision. Strategy is then created to fulfill that purpose. Strategy begins with the customer and the value the business delivers. Understanding of purpose and value is the foundation for a continuous improvement culture. All problem solving and daily work must connect to improving ways to deliver value to the customer. As the organization solves problems the improvements are shared and set across the business to fully leverage the innovation. In order to sustain improvement activities, behaviors and habits must change. The transformation of behaviors is the transformation of culture. High performance and continuous improvement businesses are behavioral and are realized through cultural transformation.

It is important to note that all activities are collaborative and require the engagement of organizational leadership. The pace that we set for the organization’s transformation (how much, how fast) will be determined on the activity level of leadership.

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